rainy day lesson

It has been raining and the rain is long overdue.  I took advantage of this rainy day to teach my preschooler about rain. We approached the lesson as an art project because Dot was a bit wiggly. Using white cardstock, colored construction paper, scissors, crayons and double-sided tape, we made a picture together to remind Dot […]

when life gives you oranges

The navel orange tree is dropping its large fruit. Little Daughter and I picked up a couple dozen. They’re not sweet. (I hope that I can add, “yet.”) Having been in our home for only a year, this is our first taste of these oranges. What to do with so much sour citrus? I made […]

a fine residue

Sometimes life boils down to a fine residue. Example: The Emergency Room Visit. Little Daughter’s temperature was dangerously high and having her treated in the hallway was welcomed by us, who love her so much. No private room with a view was demanded first. The point, at that moment, was to relieve the fever. Moments […]