a fine residue

thrift, like a weed, can seem unappealing but a closer look can surprise us with its beauty

Sometimes life boils down to a fine residue. Example: The Emergency Room Visit. Little Daughter’s temperature was dangerously high and having her treated in the hallway was welcomed by us, who love her so much. No private room with a view was demanded first. The point, at that moment, was to relieve the fever. Moments like these can reveal to us what really matters in life; this is that fine residue.

But we have been moving along in the cultural trend of scattered attention on the superfluous.  The strain in our economy and the diseased morals of our people are bringing about an ugly disaster, like the foam that threatens to boil over the side of the pot.  We’ve got to rethink how we have been living. What will that look like?

I say it demands a move toward RESTRAINT. The practice of thrift, I believe, can get us to that fine residue at the bottom of the pot, that rich essence of life, that love concentrate. Thrift need not be disgusting; it can be beautiful!  I will explore practical applications of the old adage, “Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without,” in this blog. I’ll share with you different ways that I am practicing thrift in my own life with my family and I hope that you will glimpse with me that practicing thrift is not a robber of joy–but a launchpad to more joy!

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