when life gives you oranges

tart orange juice sweetened with orange blossom honey

The navel orange tree is dropping its large fruit. Little Daughter and I picked up a couple dozen. They’re not sweet. (I hope that I can add, “yet.”) Having been in our home for only a year, this is our first taste of these oranges. What to do with so much sour citrus?

I made ORANGEADE. I melted a little orange blossom honey in some water to make a syrup to sweeten the juice. I’m chilling it in the frig for an after-dinner treat! Did I like it? Not really, but Mom did. We’ll see what Husband and Little Daughter think.

Mom and I brainstormed other ideas for using the sour navel oranges. She let me know that orange marmalade is her most favorite jam and she told me that she enjoys drinking hot orange peel tea. I think we have just found ourselves some excellent uses for these oranges!

4 thoughts on “when life gives you oranges

    • Yes, orange juice can be frozen but, in our case, our freezer is full from our fall walnut harvest. Some cooks will freeze lemon and lime juice so they will have it when fresh is not available and to avoid having to use the bottled kind. Thanks for visiting!

  1. What about orange julius with some of the fresh cow’s milk? You would still have to sweeten it but maybe adding the milk/cream would help also?

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