when half equals double

Okay, so I’m not a whiz at math. But this problem I have with numbers doesn’t seem to be all my fault. I mean, sometimes the rules of math just don’t apply. Have you ever noticed that money never follows the laws of arithmetic? Surely you know that your expenses multiply –rather than add up as they should. At least, that is what I have discovered.

Well, here is some more tricky math that I like to keep in mind: Use half of something and it will go twice as far. I like this principle because it feels like such a victory!

Mom tells me that my grandmother would chew only a half stick of gum. By tearing the stick of gum in half, the one pack of gum would give the uses of two packs of gum. It wouldn’t take much time to get used to this smaller portion, now would it? While I am not a gum-chewer, I can still apply this fantastic principle in many areas of household management and kitchen activities. Here is my example: Paper napkins. I bought them in quantity at Costco–Kirkland brand–and found the napkins to be quite thick so I tear them in half along the fold. Two for one!

How can you apply this two-for-one principle to save money in your household?

Double your resources!

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