handmade cards

I find that a few carefully chosen rubber stamps are good tools to have. I have one that says, “Thank you!” With this, I can create any variety of unique thank you notes to send to those who have done something special for us. To make the cards, I usually pull out a sheet of cardstock from a ream of white cardstock that I bought long ago. (Cardstock is another handy thing to have on hand; white is the most practical.) You can make two cards on each sheet. For the latest set of cards, I cut rectangles from some scraps of scrapbooking paper. However, if you are not a scrapbooker, use a picture from a magazine, a bit of newsprint, a photo, or your own artwork. There are endless creative options with this! I stamped the “Thank you” message on one side of the front of the card and attached the rectangle of scrapbook paper to the other side of the card front (with double-sided tape). These are the cards depicted in the photo.

Another stamp that I enjoyed using recently was my rubber duckie. With it, I decorated a plain white gift bag by stamping three ducks in a row. (Who doesn’t want all her ducks in a row?) Then, I stamped a matching handmade gift tag to attach to the bag with a scrap of colorful ribbon through a hole made with a hole punch, and I was ready to give a baby shower gift. This image works equally well for little boys or girls.

Rather than spending $3.95 on a card the next time you need to send one, why not make your own?

an array of handmade thank you cards


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