Day 29: Month of Thankfulness

Part 2 of 2: Biblical Study of Giving Thanks Today, I will highlight examples of gratefulness culled from the New Testament. 1. Thanks was given to God for sending the Redeemer to Israel. Anna, the prophetess, welcomed the baby Jesus with thanks to God. 2. Many times, Jesus is shown giving thanks to the Father […]

Day 26: Month of Thankfulness

There are twenty-six letters in our English alphabet. CanĀ I be thankful for letters? I have been teaching the names of the letters to my little daughter. She hasn’t reached that magical time of reading readiness yet, but I keep testing the waters. Without letters, where would we be? I love to read. I love to […]

Day 24: Month of Thankfulness

Twenty-four sights seen today, for which I am thankful: A carpet of maple leaves, wet, underfoot; red-orange embers shooting into a dark night; green fir trees unaware of winter; golden oaks patchworking the hillsides; a freshly-cut Christmas tree; a lake reflecting the winter sky; a creek running clear and cold; a friend sewing buttonholes for […]