Day 4: Month of Thankfulness

We sat around a patio table late this afternoon. It was a beautiful day for being outdoors and working at our task. We were shelling walnuts that my husband and I had gleaned. Around the table with me sat my mom, my mother-in-law, my husband’s grandfather, and my husband.

I was thinking today of finding four things to be thankful about–and it dawned on me, as I shelled walnuts, that today I was thankful for these four people. As our fingers worked at the nuts, we found funny things to laugh about and we chatted leisurely. It was a good working environment.

“Father, thank you for family. I especially want to thank you today for my mom, and that she is now living so close by. Thank you for my mother-in-law and her father who are always eager to visit and lend a hand. I am grateful for my husband; please help me to show it more! Amen.”

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