Day 8: Month of Thankfulness

Question: What is the strangest place from which thanks are offered to God in the Bible?

Answer: The belly of a great fish–See Jonah 2:9. Well, I am not inside the belly of a great fish, but today I am snuggled inside my home. Outside, a cold breeze is blowing across an overcast sky. I was outside, this morning, turning over the compost pile and adding some fallen leaves into it. I appreciate having material to add to the compost. But it is nicer inside near the fire. I am grateful for our woodburning stove which is now working properly after my husband replaced some missing bricks and an airflow tube, and added a blower. I’m grateful for dual-pane windows, too, which keep out cold drafts. And, we used to get drafts from below the house through the plumbing passages but my husband sealed those places so that now the bathroom cabinet doesn’t blow open from inside! Much better! I’m thankful that my husband knows how to do such work and that he is willing. I appreciate having enough clothing to put on layers to keep me warm. And if that isn’t enough, I have a coat. Then, too, I can sit on the couch and wrap myself in a quilt. How nice that is! I like to tuck a warmed-up cloth bag of rice next to me for added warmth. I’m so glad to have that extra bit of warmth when I need it! On my feet, I’m wearing some thick woolen socks. For each and every one of these ways to stay warm inside a shelter called home, I am grateful today.

“Dear Lord, today I’d like to express my thanks to You for all the ways that You have kept me warm and snug inside when the weather is cold outside. Thank You that our woodburning stove is working now; thank You for our dual-pane windows; thank You that now all those drafty spots under the house are sealed up; thank You for the skills you have given my husband in fixing things; thank You for my many clothes, my coat, my socks; thank You for quilts; thank You for that warm little rice bag that I love so much; and thank You for fall leaves to be added to the compost pile to enhance our garden soil next spring. Amen.”

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