Day 10: Month of Thankfulness

A list of ten things to be thankful for here in the living room:
1. The computer and printer
2. The bookcase filled with books
3. All the wonderful homeschool materials that we have
4. A couple of comfortable seats in the living area
5. A variety of artwork on the walls
6. Firewood
7. My daughter’s little table and chair
8. A rug to keep the feet warmer in the seating area
9. My basket of knitting
10. The ceiling fan

“Father God, You have provided for us abundantly. I realize that many, many people throughout the world do not have those things that I have listed or even a living room or yet a house such as this to live in. I don’t know why you have blessed me thus. I know that it isn’t anything that I have done to deserve these blessings. But, in Your sovereignty, You have blessed me. I want to tell you that I am grateful for each of these things that make our lives comfortable, beautiful and productive. I am humbled. Thank you for being the Giver of good gifts. I do ask that You hear the prayers and cries of those in need and bless them with good gifts, as well. Amen.”

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