Day 11: Month of Thankfulness

The 11th was last Sunday but we had run out of internet time so I am going to play catch-up now!

I opened a cupboard in my kitchen and looked at my spice jars and seasonings. Wow! To think of the preciousness, during most of history, of the contents in these jars!

I think that richness is something to be grateful about. And so . . . I am thankful for cinnamon (which is added to cookie dough), for caraway seed (which is added to a quick bread), for vanilla extract (which is used in so much baking), for nutmeg (which goes in those pumpkin pies that my husband loves), for ginger (ditto on the pumpkin pies), for black pepper (which ends up sprinkled on scrambled eggs), for cumin seed (which is always added to my pintos), for garlic salt (which is good over taco meat), for smoked paprika (which is great on oven fries), for almond extract (which goes in my pistachio ice cream), AND for poppy seeds (which are integral to a certain Ukranian cake).

Oh, yes, there are many more, to be truthful, in my cupboard. But there are some eleven favorites.

“Father, again, You have provided for me richly. I think of the Wise Men bringing the little Jesus gifts of myrrh and frankincense–aromatic and precious treasures! Good smells, good tastes–these are good gifts to You and now, from You. Thank you for each jar in my cupboard. Amen!”


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