Day 13: Month of Thankfulness

I bet I could come up with thirteen book titles that I am reading right now! I usually have a stack of books by my bed that I get to read bits of in short snippets of time.
I just finished Son of Hamas. I just finished Dreams and Visions. (These were loaned from my m-i-l.) I am studying, with a group of other women at church, The Power of a Woman’s Words. I am going through Pocketful of Pinecones again. I’ve got a bookmark in The Simplicity Primer. Good News About Injustice is a book on a heavy subject but I have started reading it. I’m going through The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain to gather ideas for the co-op art class. I’m just over half-way through Home Education by Charlotte Mason–and that is reading that takes thought and focus and a highlighter! I’ve just finished reading On the Frontier with Mr. Audubon, which was a book that I used to gather information about the famous painter of birds for the co-op art students. There were two books on Grant Wood that I read for our study of his work in our first co-op art unit. Oh, of course, there was Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin, which I read and wrote a review about on this blog. Lastly, there is always and forever, the best book of all: the Bible.

It seems my reading in the past month has been for encouragement for myself to follow Jesus better or for inspiration from seeing God’s work around the world (as in the Muslim community) or for information to share on art and artists with my homeschool co-op classes or for reinforcing my philosophy of education for my daughter. I haven’t read any homesteading or homemaking titles lately–other than The Homemade Pantry, a while back. Do you have any recommendations? Wait, looks like my bedside table is a bit full, still.

“Lord, You are good to provide such an array of beautiful books from which to learn more about You and more about creativity and education. I ask that You help me to gather the best of the information about art for my students and that You help me to communicate it well. Inspire me to select a new unit of study to begin in January. I ask Your blessing on each of my students and their creative efforts. I thank you for the inspiration that comes to me from Charlotte Mason’s approach to education. Please help me to do a fantastic job in educating my precious daughter! Show me what is most important on any given day. I also thank You for the wealth of resources that I have at my fingertips for gaining knowledge of You and Your work in the world. Most of all, thank You for Your written word, the Bible. I so treasure it! Amen.”

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