Day 14: Month of Thankfulness

My fingers are sticky with primer. And I’m trying to type. And I just burned the chicken soup–outright boiled the pot dry. I think I can salvage it by making chicken tacos with the meat, instead. The family will most certainly be glad of the change in menu. They love tacos.

And I am thankful for tacos. Mexican food is our favorite and our most common choice around here. It’s usually pretty simple stuff like burritos or tacos. Sometimes I make bowls of beans or nachos or enchiladas. We like to get chile rellenos when we eat out. And I just love good carne asada! There was a woman selling tamales at the front of the grocery store yesterday. I wished I could have afforded to buy some. She had the chile and cheese ones, and I haven’t had that type in a while. I could eat bowls and bowls of Spanish rice, though my husband could do without it. I made a jar of lacto-fermented escabeche last summer and it made a tasty side. Have you had flan? Or tres leches cake? We don’t usually have Mexican desserts. I have a taste for those now but very rarely make them. We simply love the barbacoa meat at Chipotle Grill. And then there is SALSA, of course!


“Dear God, I am grateful for Mexican food! I think I will go make some for dinner tonight. Thank you that I have such opportunity to make foods to please my family. Amen.”

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