Day 15: Month of Thankfulness

When I went to a music performance of a group of African youths, the speaker said that the plastic container for carrying water was ubiquitous in Africa. How different (and easier) my life is here! I get water at the tap, hot and cold, in my house. That is something to be grateful for!

Here are some favorite beverages of mine and I am thinking that I ought to pause to appreciate the variety available to me.

Hot: coffee (I like a latte); green tea; chai latte; hot cocoa; mint tea

Cold: iced tea; mango iced tea; iced green tea; iced coffee; orange juice; chocolate milk; kefir smoothies; yogurt smoothies (current favorite is mango); milk shake (chocolate or rocky road); and WATER.

So blessed to have clean water here. Daily.

“Dear Lord, thank You for being the Living Water to my soul! And I thank You for blessing me with good, clean water from my indoor plumbing. So many go without this luxury. I have so many choices for beverages to quench my thirst. Thank You for each one. For those who thirst, Lord Jesus, I pray that You will  lead them to the Living Water and that you will bless them with clean drinking water, too. Amen.”

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