Day 16: Month of Thankfulness

My little daughter has many fine qualities. I’m so grateful that she brings us such delight! She has a ready smile; her eyes light up when she’s excited; she runs fast; she is energetic; she loves the outdoors; she loves to care for and observe our chickens and our kitten and to play with our neighbor’s dog; she is quick to ask for forgiveness; she loves God; she loves to have stories read to her; she likes to sing; she loves to dance to any music; she like to wear a pretty dress; she loves stomping around mud puddles in her worn-out rain boots; she loves to recite things she has memorized, such as the poem, “The Owl and the Pussycat”; she is so cooperative about not eating foods she is allergic to; and she is very teachable.

“Dear heavenly Father, You have blessed our family with this little girl who will soon be five. Thank You for the love that You put in our hearts for her. Thank You that she is the one who You chose for us to adopt as our own. We really like this girl! Thank You for her many delighful ways and her teachable heart. I am so glad to call her my daughter. Amen.”

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