Day 18: Month of Thankfulness

Eighteen things to be thankful for today: Autumn leaves against a misty blue sky; the glistening of wet blacktop after a rain; the smell of damp soil, rich with humus; cloud banks promising rain; the fresh, glossy greenery of wet leaves; the deepened colors of tree bark after a rain; roofs that muffle the drumbeat of droplets and roofs that keep us dry inside; lights reflected in water puddles; passing by houses with lights on, broadcasting the warmth of home; hens huddled in their hutch, quietly keeping each other warm; new grass so green, sprouting so quickly after a rain; a sky that changes its composition each minute as clouds swirl about; the splash sound of cars driving down the street through the puddles; the woodsy smell of smoke from chimneys; the cat, winter fir thick, curled up in his pillow nest; the cozy feeling of being indoors again after running a quick errand outdoors; and the umbrella–where did I put it?–I want to hear that pat-pat-pat sound of raindrops around me.

“Dear Father, You are the One whose throne is in the heavens. You are the One who brings rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Thank You for these refreshing times, these days of rain. Thank You for recharging our groundwater so that our wells will keep producing water for us to use. Thank You for all the loveliness of stormy weather in autumn. Thank you for my cozy home and good roof. Please, Lord, help those who are outside in the storms. Show them a warm haven, the refuge that is You. Amen.”

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