Day 20: Month of Thankfulness

As I prepare for our Thanksgiving feast, I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Thinking about the tools I use in there, I realize that many women have to make do with much less. Here are some of the kitchen tools that I have been using and for which I am grateful:

1. measuring cups and spoons

2. stand mixer

3. rubber spatula

4. chop knife

5. paring knife

6. bread knife

7. cutting board

8. thermometer

9. mixing bowls

10. heavy soup pot

11. pot with lid

12. nonstick pan

13. wire whisk

14. wooden spoon

15. tea kettle

16. crockpot

17. zester

18. refrigerator storage containers

19. pitchers

20. roasting pan

“Heavenly Father, You have provided me with many tools to use in my kitchen. What a blessing! Thank you for each of these items that make my work in feeding my family easier. As we anticipate our Thanksgiving feast, I see that You have blessed us abundantly. Thank You. I pray that You will help me to make some tasty dishes for my family to enjoy this year. Amen.”

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