Day 22: Month of Thankfulness

I am appreciative of our Thanksgiving Day menu! Here’s what we had available to all: candied walnuts and pecans; blanched almonds; pepper jack cheese and sharp cheddar cheese slices; wheat crackers; corn chowder (The Pioneer Woman’s recipe = very good); iced green tea with mint; orange juice; apple cider; sparkling apple cider with pomegranate; turkey; mashed potatoes; gravy; cornbread stuffing (Mom’s); peas; fresh cranberry sauce (I really like my recipe–uses apple cider and orange zest); cranberry applesauce (a bit sweeter for those who don’t want the tart); pickled beets (canned this summer); black olives; wheat rolls; and pies: lemon meringue, pumpkin, and apple. Wow! That’s a delicious twenty-two (or more) things!
“Dear Father in Heaven, You have indeed blessed us today with a feast! It was very tasty and we are quite satisfied. There is abundance even after we had our fill. However, I can’t wait until that special feast that You have promised us in heaven. Won’t that be most marvelous! Thank You for these blessings. I thank You that You hear all those who call upon Your Name and that You will also feed them today. And, thank You for being our Daily Bread. Amen.”

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