Day 24: Month of Thankfulness

Twenty-four sights seen today, for which I am thankful: A carpet of maple leaves, wet, underfoot; red-orange embers shooting into a dark night; green fir trees unaware of winter; golden oaks patchworking the hillsides; a freshly-cut Christmas tree; a lake reflecting the winter sky; a creek running clear and cold; a friend sewing buttonholes for me on a dress that I made for my daughter; a lap quilt sewn together and then used happily on the drive home; barbeque chicken tasty with sauce; two college girls taking time to play on the floor with my preschooler; talk of God; a kind and gentle new friend; my husband getting to spend time with his nephew; progress in cleaning up the forest; glowing fires along the path, crackling as we added branches; a friend willing to teach a new skill to my husband; my husband’s willingness to learn; sharp knives; our friends’ thoughtfulness in making a special wheat-free snack (corn-rice muffins) just for my daughter; a woodburning stove adding a definite coziness to a home; the loan of books, back and forth; direction for starting a knitted scarf project; and watching daughters help their parents so willingly.

“Father, it was a productive and good day of fellowship up north today with our friends. Thank you for letting us take this day trip. Please bless these friends who give so much to us. Let us have opportunity to bless them in return. Amen.”

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