Day 25: Month of Thankfulness

And now Christmas is just a month away. There are ornaments to be hung over fir branches on the little tree that we cut in our woods yesterday. I’m not a knick-knack-loving person, at all. Are ornaments really just knick-knacks? I am afraid that this might just be so! Well, I pulled in my boxes from the garage and took a look at my ornaments. I have 2 teapots; 4 stars; 1 polar bear; 2 bells; 1 lion and lamb; 1 shepherd boy and lamb; 1 mouse on a spool of thread; 2 tin hearts; 2 seashells; 1 stocking; 2 leaves; 1 pinecone; 1 train; 1 glittery bird; 1 handmade glass disk; 1 African doll; and a set of blue and clear ornaments. But first to string the lights . . . .

“Lord, I don’t want clutter and knick-knacks filling my life. It is delightful, though, to decorate a Christmas tree. So, I thank You for my little collection of ornaments. And the string of lights, Lord, that remind me of You, the Light of the World. And the stars, Lord, that remind me of that one brightest star that shone at Your birth when You came down to earth to light the way for us. Thank You! The green of the fir tree is wonderful. I like that You made it green. Sometimes I feel my heart is cluttered and I have too much worthless junk in there. I need Your help to clean it all out! I want beautiful things to be inside–things that remind me of You. Thank You for Your work in my life. Amen.”

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