Day 26: Month of Thankfulness

There are twenty-six letters in our English alphabet. Can I be thankful for letters? I have been teaching the names of the letters to my little daughter. She hasn’t reached that magical time of reading readiness yet, but I keep testing the waters.

Without letters, where would we be? I love to read. I love to read to my daughter. I love to read to my husband. I love to read the Bible. I love to read to learn. Sure, I think that the English language could use an overhaul. Yes, spelling is ridiculously inconsistent. But aren’t the letters beautiful? I love to see different fonts. It is astounding the variety of forms that each letter can take and still be recognizable, readable. So, here’s to letters! Without them, there would be no reading. How sad that would be!


“Father, thank You that I can read. Help those women, around the world, who are illiterate to find resources to learn to read. And then put Your Word in their hands! Please help my little one to learn, too. I am so very grateful for Your Word, the Bible. And for You, the Living Word, Jesus. Amen.”

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