Day 27: Month of Thankfulness

Let’s return to the topic of ways to spend less money for the household. Here are twenty-seven ideas that can help us reach that goal:

1. Don’t have a TV service (cable or satellite).

2. Live in a smaller house than you can “afford.”

3. Use the public library for free reading material and free videos.

4. Look for promotional codes to use when buying online.

5. Shop at thrift stores for clothing, children’s toys and household items.

6. Increase your savings at thrift stores by shopping on their sale days or for their mark-downs.

7. Don’t eat out.

8. When shopping for groceries, don’t buy prepared foods. Do your own preparing at home.

9. Buy staple grocery items in bulk. This works well for oatmeal, dried beans and rice, for example.

10. Eat smaller portions; don’t overeat.

11. Use what is in your refrigerator before it goes bad.

12. Make your own laundry detergent, either liquid or powdered.

13. Make your own household cleaners using vinegar or baking soda.

14. Do all the haircutting for the males in your family at home using clippers.

15. Rethink replacing lost pets.

16. Do not overindulge children at birthdays and Christmas.

17. Give homemade gifts.

18. Plant a vegetable garden and eat from it.

19. Plant fruit and nut trees and preserve the harvest for year-round savings.

20. Learn to do small repairs yourself. YouTube offers many tutorials.

21. Keep make-up for special occasions or don’t use it at all.

22. Avoid stores and malls.

23. Write up a reasonable budget, then use the envelope system and self-discipline.

24. Plan your errands carefully for fuel savings.

25. Borrow or rent equipment that is only needed occasionally.

26. Share magazine subscriptions with a friend.

27. Do all the things that promote good health (get plenty of sleep, drink water, eat right, exercise, get to the right weight, and make good choices to avoid emotional stress) so that you can avoid medical bills.

“Father, thank You for providing for us through my husband’s job. I want to be a good steward of the money that he makes. Help me! Give me wisdom in my spending. Help me to stop making “exceptions” so frequently when I contemplate buying things that aren’t really needed. Help me to be patient. Help me to write up a reasonable budget and stick with it. I need discipline in this area; I ask that You will help me. I would like to be able to have money left each month to be more generous in giving to missionary organizations. Please guide our giving. Amen.”

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