Day 30: Month of Thankfulness

I want to wrap up this thirty days of thankfulness with thoughts of something beautiful: Flowers! These are one of my favorite things that God made for us to appreciate. Most are probably not edible, though some are, so I think that means that God appreciates beauty for the sake of beauty–and that it’s okay for me to do the same! I note this because I have a tendency toward valuing practicality. William Morris, a British designer, seemed to understand this when he made his famous dictum: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” I observe that Morris used two different verbs when dealing with things useful or things beautiful. He used “know” with “useful” and “believe” with “beautiful.” This is telling: The things that we find useful are known to us to be useful by experiences with them; whereas the things that we find beautiful are beautiful in our opinion. All this to say that I believe flowers to be beautiful–and would love to fill my house with them! So, here is a beautiful bouquet:

1. apple blossoms; 2. amaryllis; 3. bee balm; 4. bachelor button; 5. buddleia; 6. cosmos; 7. carnation; 8. columbine; 9. daffodil; 10. daisy; 11. delphinium; 12. echinacea; 13. foxglove; 14. gladiolus; 15. hollyhock; 16. honeysuckle; 17. iris; 18. lily of the valley; 19. lupine; 20. lavender; 21. lantana; 22. morning glory; 23. peony; 24. poppy; 25. Queen Anne’s lace; 26. rose; 27. sunflower; 28. scabiosa; 29. sweet pea; 30. zinnia.

“Jesus, You are the Beautiful One, the Creator of beauty. There is so much beauty in this world that only You must see–that trillium hidden under the fern deep in the woods; that passion flower growing on the other side of a fence; those fragrant orange blossoms at the tops of the trees–and yet You have blessed us with others that we can see, and for those I am most grateful! Each of these flowers is so different, one from another. There is so much wonderful variety in Your creative works. Thank You, Jesus, for the beauty of flowers. And for my sight to see them. And for my nose to appreciate their soft fragrances. I ask that You bring a flower to someone’s attention today, someone who needs a lift that seeing beauty can give. Thank You, Giver of good gifts. Amen.”

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