old jeans and fabric scraps

Rag quilt made of old jeans and scrap cottons

Rag quilt made of old jeans and scrap cottons


I made a car quilt for my little one and it didn’t cost me a cent! For the material, I cut 6-inch squares out of our old jeans that were too far gone to wear and out of cottons from my fabric stash of leftovers from quilts I had made. There is no batting in this quilt because it is heavy enough due to the denim squares.

To get started, I met with some friends who also wanted to learn to make denim rag quilts. It was a fun time and we each made some progress toward our goal. One friend brought a finished quilt for us to see and we discussed how it was put together.

I decided to make things hard for myself and make mine reversible, with the lighter denim and darker cotton prints on one side; and the darker denim and lighter cotton prints on the other side. Warning: Do not attempt this! It wasn’t really worth the effort, I don’t think. It became very confusing to lay out and to avoid having like fabrics too close together.

Here is a photo of the quilt after the cut edges have begun to fray. I have washed and dried this four times now to achieve this level of ragging. Now the quilt is ready to wrap and put under the tree! My daughter will be warmer in the car and the denim should hold up well to all that climbing in and out (and over) that takes place in the car! And this is one present that didn’t cost me a cent!

One thought on “old jeans and fabric scraps

  1. Thanks for the nice comments on my trades post. I love your jean quilt! I have been wanting to make one like it out of old jeans. I also have some Old Navy flannel jammie bottoms that ripped in the seams. I could re-purpose our old flannel shirts. I’ve always meant to do that… I’ll have to see if I still them in a box somewhere. I might have given up on ever doing it. I’m trying to be more like my hubby and his mom and finishing what I start.

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