Beet Kvass

beets for pickling

Bright, bulbous beauties, beets are growing in the garden–and growing on me! This is my second season to can spicy pickled beets. I followed the Ball Blue Book recipe. I like having these to bring color and interest to our Thanksgiving spread. I have also found that certain older folks have a sentimental spark for these, so a jar makes a special gift for them. Plus, these are a fun addition to a green salad that needs some zip.

This year, I just had to experiment, too. I am trying a honey-sweetened version. To these, I added only red onion slices–no spices. The onions and beets were from my garden this year, but I did not get to use any honey from my own beehive. Maybe next year! I am hoping that my DH may like these beets in his salad. He is not fond of the spicy pickled beets.

I like to make a pitcher of beet kvass every so often, also. I ended up using every one of my beets in the canning process this year and forgot to save any out to make kvass. I typically buy three organic beets at the grocery store for a batch of kvass. I use the recipe from the book, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. This drink is taken in small quantities as a health tonic for the liver and blood. It is a bit salty but I like it.






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