Lemon Pie in a Cup or How to Use 14 Eggs

lemon pie in a cup

Got eggs?

I sometimes go to my mom’s house and watch cooking shows with her. She records the shows so we can fast-forward through commercials. Recently, we were watching Ree Drummond make a key lime pie dessert that called for FOURTEEN WHOLE EGGS, and I thought, “At last! A recipe that would use all those excess eggs that are cluttering up my refrigerator!” (If you keep laying hens, you’ll know what I mean!)
I decided to substitute lemon for lime, but otherwise I followed The Pioneer Woman’s recipe. I have to warn you, this is very rich. Serve small portions! It’s a pretty dessert, don’t you think?
But what did I discover? My family does not like this type of dessert. My husband took one bite and handed it back to me, and my daughter only wanted the graham cracker crust and the whipped cream.
And here I thought I was onto something! So, a few days later, I can say, again, “Yes, I got eggs!”


One thought on “Lemon Pie in a Cup or How to Use 14 Eggs

  1. It is a beautiful dessert and I would have gladly eaten it! Did you like it? There have been MANY times in our house when I have excitedly made a new recipe and then nobody likes it but me. It is actually quite laughable. Let me know if you find a “keeper” recipe!

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