Front Door Color

Work (at home) has lightened up slightly enough that I was able to run errands in town this morning. My husband needed a copper cap for a water line and I picked out two new lock sets for exterior doors. We are fixing up the secondary house that is on our small acreage. This little house had been abandoned for, the neighbors tell us, six to eight years before we bought this property about twelve years ago. Then, my mom lived in it until this summer. Now that it is available to work on, we have transformed the exterior with the goal of improving the curb appeal of our rural neighborhood. The house is located only a few yards off the street and had truly been an eyesore!

Another goal was to strengthen the house as it was built unconventionally with panel construction which left no way to insulate it. The crumbling stucco has been torn off, the walls have been framed with 2 x 4s, the rusty metal roof has been replaced with tidy asphalt shingles, the inoperable, single-pane sash windows have been replaced with dual-pane single-hung windows, and the new horizontal siding is up. Time to paint!

Have you had the blessing of experiencing a redwood forest? We have to drive a few hours to get to that type of forest. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park is a favorite! There’s a large redwood tree in the front yard of this little cottage. (I do mean, “cottage,” as it is about 800 square feet.) When I stopped into the paint store this morning, I had in mind a front door color that would play off the redwood tree in some way. I came how with a color sample called Adobe Dust. It’s kind of a terracotta color, like the dried leaves littering the ground around the redwood tree.

During the Christmas season, I love to have a wreath of fresh greens on our front door. Even if I didn’t do much other Christmas decorating, I really love a wreath. (I typically get mine at Trader Joe’s.) One of my concerns about the front door color is that I want it to coordinate well with the greens of a wreath. Green plants look very nice in terracotta pots, don’t they? I guess it’s a natural combination, reminiscent of red clay soils and green plants found in nature. I also want the front door to look inviting and cheerful. Maybe even a little surprising.

Why surprising? Because the house will be a cream color with a grayed-tan trim. Very ho-hum. It was important to my husband that we use a light color on the house because summers in Northern California, and indeed in most of California, are very hot. In fact, he accidentally painted the trim with the darker color that I had picked out for the house. He had painted all the trim before I went to look and it was only then that I realized the mistake. Too late! And I was going to select a very dark roof, but at the roofing supply place, I could tell it would always trouble him to have a dark roof.

It is preferable that I be flexible concerning all this, to keep the peace and to please my husband. Also, I admit that he is more sensible with wanting to keep the exterior light as it will make a difference in cooling costs. So, there you have it! Nothing is as I had envisioned it. And that’s ok. It’s all nice and new and fresh and strong and improved greatly. Such a blessing! I am grateful for this. There are wars and persecution and great poverty all over this globe. How can I complain about the color of a house? Or the bathroom window that arrived and was installed before I saw that it was the wrong window? Forgive me, Lord, that in my heart I am still grumbling about this window.

It is also probable that we will install a standard security door at the front. So all my careful planning over door color will be obscured by a ho-hum security door.

Do you have a favorite front door color? And how do you do with keeping such trivialities in perspective?


One thought on “Front Door Color

  1. Sometimes I wonder if all of my organizing and decorating, refurbishing and remodeling are worthy of anything (compared to all that you mentioned going on in the world), but then I stop and think that the home is our place to find respite from the world. If you’re a stay at home wife or mom, it’s your place of work. It’s a place to love your family, minister to friends, and a safe place for your husband to go after a long day at work. So, yes, some of these details are trivial and we could just not bother. But on the other hand, they are a reflection of your creativity and that is a God-given gift. Enjoy loving your home and treat it as the gift from God that it is. That is not trivial at all 🙂

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