Linda and her Little Daughter

I read somewhere the advice: Raise your children to love God, to be thrifty and to be resourceful. That appeals to me. Wouldn’t following that advice make this world a better place? Well, I am happy to share the love of Christ with my Little Daughter who was added to our family through a relinquishment adoption. I take time each morning to begin our homeschool preschool with prayer and a lesson from the Bible. Evenings, Husband takes charge of this and we all sing some praise songs. Often, Little Daughter will dance with joy as we all sing. She loves this special evening routine.

But teaching her thrift? That takes some doing. How about I start with ME? When I shared with my husband my idea about starting this blog, he actually LAUGHED at me for wanting to share ideas about being thrifty! Does that give you an idea that being thrifty has not been my strong point? Well, I told Husband, writing this blog will help to keep me accountable and inspire me to stretch myself to improve in how I manage our finances. Yes, he was right to laugh. But I am determined to improve!

I hope that I can inspire you to practice thrift, too. Here are some reasons to consider joining me in this goal: It pleases God when we are good stewards of the resources with which He has blessed us. It helps to relieve some of our husbands’ burden when we are careful with managing the household budget. It stimulates creativity. It turns our focus from rampant materialism onto the things that really matter in life, which I call “the fine residue” that I talk about in my first post. And, not lastly, practicing thrift can be beautiful!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for reading Linda. You have some great ideas in your posts as well. My 2 yr old uses my painted tray for her magnets all the time. She loves it!
    Your daughter is a little cutie:)

  2. I completely agree with you about thrift stimulating creativity! While I don’t consider myself a martha stewart or even close I have found that the need to be resourceful while living overseas and not just being able to run to walmart to buy everything I need has definitely brought out my creative side. And I’m so with you on being “thrifty” 🙂

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