the “unpretty” calendar as launchpad

I have been seeing that educating my daughter at home is a FLUID PROCESS. There are sudden springboards that appear out of nowhere each day–and off we go, LAUNCHED in an unexpected direction. I want to share a little thing that we are doing each morning after our Bible reading. I have a calendar from […]

Day 19: Month of Thankfulness

I homeschool my daughter. She is in her second year of preschool. After studying about various methods and philosophies of  home education, I have pretty much settled on Charlotte Mason. Charlotte was a British educator and teacher of teachers during the Victorian Era. I am thankful that I found her writings! Also, I really appreciate […]

Wonderful Historical Novel for a Family Read-Aloud

Are you interested in studying art with your children? Would your children enjoy a story about a boy and his cat? Are you studying early American history? I just discovered a wonderful story about the “Father of American Painting.” It is called, Benjamin West and his Cat Grimalkin. It was written by Marguerite Henry in […]