First Fifty-Five Gifts

“Count your blessings. Name them one by one. Count your blessings. See what God has done.” So goes a little song I’ve heard. I recently read a book called One Thousand Gifts, about literally taking note of the beauty and blessings around us, and author Ann Voskamp’s challenge to all of us echoes the words […]

Lemon Pie in a Cup or How to Use 14 Eggs

Got eggs? I sometimes go to my mom’s house and watch cooking shows with her. She records the shows so we can fast-forward through commercials. Recently, we were watching Ree Drummond make a key lime pie dessert that called for FOURTEEN WHOLE EGGS, and I thought, “At last! A recipe that would use all those […]

the “unpretty” calendar as launchpad

I have been seeing that educating my daughter at home is a FLUID PROCESS. There are sudden springboards that appear out of nowhere each day–and off we go, LAUNCHED in an unexpected direction. I want to share a little thing that we are doing each morning after our Bible reading. I have a calendar from […]